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Frying Basket / Fry Basket
The entire fry baskets are durable and reasonable priced. We can manufacture any size, large or small, made-to-order to your special sizes. They are designed to fit all brands of deep fryers.
This kind of fry basket are greatly used in deep fryer in the restaurant, it increases your cooking efficiency and quality of food! It is made of high quality stainless steel, as with our tradition, our company strives to enhance the value of equipment you invested. It retains all the functional and safety features that you will need. In addition, the fry basket is well designed with mechanics which gives you the best performance.
This kind of fryer basket helps the top restaurants improve their operation and their high quality product so they can always satisfy their customers.
As you saw in the picture, the Fry Basket makes cooking your favorite French fries, fried chicken, and fresh home-made doughnuts wonderfully easy. We can design any kind of fryer basket to fit your fryer
For burritos, corn dogs or frozen pies. Product fits between two hinged shelves. Nickel plated.
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