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Wire Mesh Basket

We fabricate baskets to your specifications. These baskets may be made of metel wire ,wire cloth, expanded metal or perforated metal. Frames may be round, flat or rectangular bar stock. We fabricate all metals, any shape, large or small sizes, long or short runs. All operations--weaving, cutting, slitting, forming, stamping, punching, bending, edging, rolling, welding, soldering, seaming, under our control to insure a quality product at a reasonable price.

our custom wire baskets and stainless steel wire baskets for the industrial, commercial, medical and food services industries. Our wire baskets come in standard sizes as well as custom made to fit your needs whether they are washing, degreasing, material handling, or any other wire basket need. We also provide design and engineering services for specific applications.


Metal Mesh Shopping Baskets
Storage Basket
Slanted Bakery Baskets
Slatwall Basket
Sink Basket
Wire Drainer Basket

  Medical Basket
Stainless Steel Instrument Trays
Wire Net Baskets
Sterilization Baskets
Sterile Goods Baskets
Fine Mesh Baskets
Cleaning Baskets
  Grill Grid and rack
Stainless Steel Oven Shelf
Stainless Steel Cooling Rack
Bakery Baking Frame Screen
Stainless Steel Grill Grid / Basket
  Refrigerator Shelf
  Frying / Fry Basket
  Wire Mesh Baskets
  Netting Chest / Cage
  Fan Guard Cover
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